As there is not satisfactory information about limb lengthening surgery in the world including Turkey, we decided to bring together successful doctors with patients who want to length their height with a site system. This site was founded by a team that had previously undergone surgery, experienced the process personally and did a lot of research on LL surgery. On our site you can find real experiences of people who have been lengthened by LL surgery, about methods that doctors use for limb lengthening and their results on the patients. At the same time, you can share your opinion with us in a variety of topics related to height increasing and so you can make the right decision for yourself.

We have noticed that many people don’t enjoy their life, successes and relationships cause of short height, though they try not to seem to be obsessed with society and they may not be able to evaluate many opportunities while it may be very successful. This in turn causes stress and reluctance to achieve future goals.

Along with the widespread use of the Internet, methods of “lengthening” have begun to be explored. In this way, the demand in this field has enabled many studies to be done. But since there is not enough and satisfactory information yet, we wanted to find solutions for those who complained their height and those who are seeking solutions and share the information we believe to be true.

We will continuously update our site in line with suggestions and requests from you and try to provide you optimum benefits. We know very well what shortness is and how one consumes pleasure in life. And we are aware that the work to be done in this area will make many people happy and the results will be cheerful.

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We wish you a happy and healthy life without obsessions…

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